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Protev Group Industries Industries
We are a company that offers a broad range of services in different industries.
Interior, Exterior, or Domestics.
Protev Group Technology Technology
When it comes to any kind of processes or finishing’s after mold injection – count on us.
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Protev Group Services Services
Discover our complementary services. Solutions will be delivered at your choice.
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Protev Design Mold-Tool Design
Our team anticipates solutions and innovations – that’s how we generate value in the 1st place.
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Protev Service Center Mold-Tool Service Center
Beyond industry standards, we serve our customers around the clock. Learn more about tool repair and engineering…
Protev Sales  Mold-Tool Sales
Learn more about how we sale true value to your projects and beyond.
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Projektarbeit in Allen PhasenProject Work in All Phases


The Protev Group is a privately held technical management consulting company – specialized in the extensive plastic processing industry. 

For over 25 years of experience – Protev has supported international companies of all sizes and supply hands on guidance in every phases of projects for the automobile industry as well as in other technical sectors. Our main goal is to ensure sustainable business success through our expertise and systematic and comprehensive approach. 

We provide our customers a dedicated and individualized expert team.

In brief, Protev Group can be described as follows:

  “ Innovative, proactive, expertise & long-term partnership”

and therefore we are convinced to be your

  “ One Stop Solution provider”

Why Protev?

Our plastic industry experience spans over many areas and is continually increasing. This makes us a strong partner for you and your plastic parts.

Our expertise is not limited to specialization and we therefore well prepare for the specific requirements of our customer.

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

Why Us?

• We want to be your long-term cooperation partner
• Systematic and methodical acting in all project phases
• Fast implementation of customer-specific project definition
• Operative Project work with hands-on mentality
• Project transparency by continues reports

Our Customers


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