We Want to Take You on a Trip…
…Into the World of Plastics and Leadership!

About a year ago, we started implementing the Protev Academy as one column of the Protev Group activities to supply customers an overall offer. Beside technical support in design, project management and tooling, customers are also investing in their employees by requesting more training and education. On one hand, the market for people with high level skills is somewhat low, and on the other hand process management becomes more complex.

Furthermore, customers ensure their staff get their skills needed to improve the Company’s internal knowledge. This starts with basic knowledge about plastics and goes on with special training for technicians and engineers. Our customers focus also on upgrading management skills because behind good production there is always good leadership.

Our on-site training were executed based on the customer’s specific request. We started from one day to even a few days out of the week in class, including on the tool shop floor to teach the theory and practice.

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