Mold Tool Service Center

Changes or repairs might be necessary for injection molding tools due to mold and insert breaks,  surface adjustments or just wear and tear appearances.

At our comprehensive and strategically located Mold – Tool Service Centers in Guadalajara (Jalisco), Cd. Juárez (Chihuahua), and Monterrey (Nuevo León), we offer tool repair and engineering changes  for your needs.

More than 6,800 square foot  (600 m2) at our facilities is used exclusively for service purposes. A team of technical advisers, tool makers, polishers and technicians represents years of experience, dedicated to maintenance and repair of molds.

With a Tool Service Center, our service team operates on a 24/7 full coverage — to accommodate planned as well as emergency repair or Engineering change jobs, regardless of the original mold manufacturer.

Additionally, we offer our project service with Q, Logistic, Mold-makers, process experts, MFE, project leaders to analyze the problems and propose solutions. We use high tech equipment such as a 3D scanner, thermo camera, and 3D measuring. 


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