Protev Newsletter – March Issue

We are very proud to announce our first company Newsletter. It is intended for clients of Protev Group and among others. We want to use it to keep you in touch with news and developments which relates to our diversified services at our different locations. The objective of the newsletter is: provide value. With these email briefings, we want to give our readers inside access to what we have been accomplished and plans for upcoming topics.

We chose a bi-monthly schedule to ensure that our correspondence is never overwhelming and that the content delivered is relevant. It will also be exciting to evaluate how our readers are engaging with our content as we hope this will be a welcome to your inbox and encourage you to keep contact with us. Means, we will welcome any feedback and will seek to continually improve with each comment to pass it along to our current and future clients. Click here to access the Newsletter!

Sincerely yours,

CEO & Managing Director Reiner Bluechel
Partners Herbert & Thomas Tucakovic

Protev Group Shareholders